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Out of tragedy, good will come through facts, research, science, and technology.

Auto Fire & Safety Consultants, Inc. (AFSC) is a leading fire investigation and accident reconstruction firm with over 30 years experience providing investigative and expert witness services. Whatever your needs are, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in implementing your case development plan. Our team of professionals has a wide range of expertise in the evaluation and investigation of structural & vehicle fire origin/cause, vehicle related injuries, and products liability cases. More specifically, with respect to automotive products liability, we use established principles and scientific methodology to provide accurate accident reconstruction. We utilize the worlds leading imaging and 3D equipment, FARO Technologies, for accident and fire scene surveys, modeling, and animations. 

About Me


Our primary services and areas of expertise include fire cause and origin, crash reconstruction, 3D animation, laser scanning & surveying, vehicular products liability, assessment and case evaluation.


Thirty-two years of experience in accident & crash reconstruction, fire investigation, and product liability issues have allowed AFSC to see a wide range of cases. We are confident our experience and expertise will be a great resource to handle any case.

Rapid Response

Dire situations requires a rapid response. Early documentation of scenes & vehicle evidence preservation is critical. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we're ready to travel anywhere  to meet your needs. 


“Thanks to Cam’s expert affidavit we defeated Ford’s motion for summary judgment, and thereafter negotiated a very favorable settlement for the client.”

Earl K. Cantwell, Attorney

Hurwitz & Fine, P.C.

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